Hi, I'm Neil Schwartz, we have successfully filed thousands of bankruptcy's here in the Bakersfield area and we look forward to opportunity to help you through this difficult time.

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Press Releases

When you happened upon our website today, it wasn't by chance. You came here looking for answers and solutions to your problems, or perhaps those of a loved one.

What would your life be like without harassing creditor phone calls and monumental debt? Bankruptcy laws allow individuals such as yourself, the opportunity to eliminate debts caused by past mistakes or unforeseen circumstances.

If you're thinking that bankruptcy means losing everything, think again.

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3 Myths for Improving your Credit

The world of personal finance, debt and credit scores can be a scary and confusing place.

While there's a lot of helpful information about there to be found, there are also piles of misinformation as well. To help you navigate through the personal finance trenches, let's take a look at three big myths for how to improve your score.

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