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Bankruptcy Testimonials

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Michael Hitchcock (2018)
Mr. Schwartz web page is brilliant! No questions unanswered. It's obvious attention to detail is his motto. His web page, hands down, is the most informative I've ever come across. But that was only the beginning. His support for us during our Bankruptcy to include back State & Federal taxes, which were in-depth, carried us through this process front start to finish without worry. Where I was short on words, he took over for me in proceedings. I'm 56 years old and been through some life events but never witnessed a attorney so dedicated and focused on you! For those that read this review please hire the best and skip the rest! An attourney like Mr. Schwartz comes around once in a lifetime. We just glad we found him!
Donna Bl (2013)
Neil gave us his all when he helped us get through a very difficult financial situation. He treated us as though we were his only and most important clients. We had gone to other attorneys for help, but they did not offer the same diligence and hope that we received from Neil. He truly fought for us.
Anne K (2013)
Neil and everyone at the Law Offices of Neil Schwartz went above and beyond to help me when I was left facing a very difficult and daunting situation. It was also the most responsible option for me at the time.

Unforeseen circumstances along with a changing economy led me to the door of Neil Schwartz and I will be forever grateful. I was treated with kindness, dignity and respect throughout the entire process.
Anonymous (2012)
After my divorce, I found myself overwhelmed with major life decisions. My ex-husband and I had accumulated an amount of debt that was sustainable with two incomes but unmanageable with my income alone.

Struggling to make ends meet, I had just started a new job and was making less money than I had in the past -- and my living expenses were increasing.

I was alone, depressed and felt hopeless. Finally realizing that bankruptcy was my only viable option, I began calling attorneys to see who could best assist me.

After speaking with three bankruptcy specialists, I found Neil to be straight forward, knowledgable, technologically advanced and - the most important thing to me - emotionally supportive. As a single mom who decided it was time for a fresh start, I was scared about the implications that bankruptcy would have on my future.

Neil was honest about what I would face, and I discovered that all of my worst case scenarios could be prevented by having good representation and a solid plan for my financial future.

I needed someone who was patient and caring but I didn't need someone to over promise and under deliver.

Neil assessed by case through an initial consultation, we had a couple of follow up meetings to work through details and he filed my case quickly.

My phone calls have always been promptly returned by either his exceptional staff or by himself - and always end with the question, "Do you need anything else?"

It took me months to acknowledge the emotional toll that my bankruptcy had taken on me. Once I read about other people who had gone through the same circumstances, I realized I was not alone.

I also realized that getting through what seemed a near impossible time in my life had been made so much easier with Neil's care and concern.

The way I viewed the aftermath of my bankruptcy was bleak; and nothing compared to the reality. I will have some challenges moving forward, but Neil guided me to resources that have helped me build a solid financial plan for my future and I'm feeling more optimistic than ever.

I'm now embracing the opportunity for a fresh start and am enjoying the emotional freedom it has brought me - and can now refocus on the things that matter most.
T.C.A (2012)
To the Law office of Neil Schwartz, Just wanted to show my appreciation for handling my file in a timely manner. Your office went above and beyond in handling my case and exhibited excellent customer service! Again, Thank you and I will definitely refer your law firm.
Unknown (2009)
Having to resort to bankruptcy is not an easy thing come to terms with. Especially when you are probably in that situation due to another tragic event in your life. The Law Offices of Neil E. Schwartz helped me get through this frustrating time with ease. The staff were kind and prompt; always there to answer any questions I had, no matter how many I had. They are knowledgeable and communicate well about what needs to be done. They took control of my case and helped me be on my way to a fresh start. I do recommend this office to people I know.
G.K. (2008)
I am although completely satisfied with every phase of your service and feel like I got the best firm in the business to handle my needs. After seeing Neil in action at the hearings Vs the other prepared Attorneys and your handling of the paper professionally, Thank you.